Wednesday, May 31, 2023

June Challenge

 The year is half over and where has that time gone?

We have another exciting challenge for you in June.

This is the Haynes shoe house 

Take a look at our photos of the newly renovated, historic The Haines Shoe House!! The shoe is now an Air bnb ready for booking in November!
Built by Mahlon Haines in 1948 to promote his shoe stores, the house was initially provided as a vacation spot for newlyweds and senior couples. Subsequent owners have offered it for public rental or operated it as a museum and ice cream shop. Most recently, it is an Airbnb rental property.
If you'd like to learn more on this historic home, click --->
To book your stay in The Shoe, click—>

Located in USA.

Your challenge this month is to include a shoe or shoes on your layout or card. (or boots)

Yes, it is an easy one this time.

Our winner last month is Heather Bensley

Here's some shoe ideas from the design team








We again don't have a sponsor this month. but I will organize a prize from my own stash. 

Sunday, April 30, 2023

May Challenge


Did you play with Lego as a kid? Did your children have it?  It is still very popular today and here in Australia we even have a TV show about it.

  • Be inspired by lego!
  • This could be small coloured pieces to make up your background or mosaics or something else you can come up with.

There's your challenge! 

We don't have a sponsor this month, but I will send a prize to our winner.

Our winner for April is

 Let's get some ideas from our Design Team 







Off you go and get those bright Lego colours working. Have fun!

Friday, March 31, 2023

April challenge

 We hope you enjoyed your trip to the sea last month. 

Now for something completely different.

This is a gothic cathedral in Mexico. I'm sure you will agree it is very pretty.

Your challenge this month is inspired by the shapes. so we want you to

  use 5 florals and at least 5 circles.

It's a good change to dig into the scraps and use some of those smaller pieces.

Our sponsor this month is

Our winner for March is Sharon Bishop. Congratulations! 

Now here's what the Design Team have made.









Tuesday, February 28, 2023

March Challenge

 The year is going by fast or am I just getting old? Here it is March already!

I found these pictures of a whale building in Oklahoma and thought straight away of a Sea themed month. 

Leslie is visiting this later in the year so she can report back on it.  

So, your challenge this month is to include a whale or sea theme on your layout, card etc.

We are sponsored generously by Mystical Scrapbooks.

As usual our Design team have been busy coming up with examples for you but here's two of mine.

These beluga whales were in Vancouver aquarium and have since been freed because the animal rights people said it was cruel to keep them. 

Later on, during that same trip we cruised around Alaska and spotted these whales in the sea just near Glacier Bay.  





                                                    (Her grandson is mad about manatees)



Our winner for February is 


Tuesday, January 31, 2023

February challenge


Can you guess what colour we are featuring this month?

Our challenge this month is to USE PINK AND A HEART.

You may use a minor amount of other colours, but PINK must be predominated. 

You need to have both to qualify. With Valentine's Day coming up this should be an easy one. 

Here's the prize you can win if you're in Australia or New Zealand.

Once again, it was donated by Mary Bennetts. 

Our Design Team have once again been busy creating these ideas.










Our winner for January is Kylie GW.