Sunday, September 16, 2012

Archiscraps # 4 challenge

I thought you'd all like a change of pace so here is a fun one for you to scrap this month...The MAD MAX MUSEUM at Silverton,near Broken Hill.
While it isn't exactly architecture,it is a building!
You could do grungy layouts or one using corrugated card or one involving cars!Wherever your imagination takes you.....

REMEMBER it doesn't have to have a building in it ,just something that harks back to this photo.
The prize is shown below.It is a variety of chipboard,two different sorts of stickers and some colourful eyelets.


  1. Oh a bit grungy for sure...what a great inspiration!!

  2. Here we go Julene!

    Many thanks once again for a lovely challenge.

  3. Mine is done (at last!!!)

  4. 2 fantastic entries ladies.It will be hard to choose a winner.