Tuesday, February 28, 2023

March Challenge

 The year is going by fast or am I just getting old? Here it is March already!

I found these pictures of a whale building in Oklahoma and thought straight away of a Sea themed month. 

Leslie is visiting this later in the year so she can report back on it.  

So, your challenge this month is to include a whale or sea theme on your layout, card etc.

We are sponsored generously by Mystical Scrapbooks.

As usual our Design team have been busy coming up with examples for you but here's two of mine.

These beluga whales were in Vancouver aquarium and have since been freed because the animal rights people said it was cruel to keep them. 

Later on, during that same trip we cruised around Alaska and spotted these whales in the sea just near Glacier Bay.  





                                                    (Her grandson is mad about manatees)



Our winner for February is