Monday, October 15, 2012

Archiscraps #5 with a sponsor!!!!!

Archiscraps challenge No 5

This month I have chosen something really modern.The Maritime Museum in Sydney
When it was built it was quite iconic and "out of the box" as far as architecture went.
Here it is.Let's see what you can come up with for this one.I'd like some curves and maybe some white.
Shazza Bishop (bless her) has donated this prize for you.Now that is worth scrapping for! Authentique stickers and vintage chipboard frames


  1. Yes bless dear Shazza...she is a kind gal!!

    I like this challenge...great building Julene!

  2. Here is mine Julene....lovely criteria!!

    Thank you

    1. Wonderful work Debi.Lets hope some others join in the fun.

  3. love this challenge....fingers cross I can get some scrapping done soon!

  4. Sorry Julene! i just didnt get a chance to scrap to the inspiration this month. I will make sure I get something done for next month :)