Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Challenge # 9

Here is the photo for March's challenge

Some say it is a hobbit house, some think fairytales.  Our theme this month is ... 
There are many to choose from and it doesn't matter how obscure.  If your background is from another country perhaps you have a folk tale you'd like to document for future generations.

Most fairytales have been handed down by oral history and as such you sometimes find different endings.

Have your children dressed up for Book Week parades as a fairytale character?  That could be another idea.  if you look at what the team has done you will get some great ideas.  We would love to see what you can do.  Link your projects to your blog so we know how clever you are!!

Our sponsor again this month is Mystical Scrapbooks

and here is the prize 

Here's what the team have done:


The first is of the Beauty and the Beast show at Disney Hollywood Studios.  The second is of the Disney fairytale castle at Hong Kong Disneyland.


I was inspired by the greens and browns/grays.  On my background paper, I did a lot of painting with gesso and paints, adding mists and glitter glue.  I added a couple of clouds using a stencil (I started with mixing gesso and paint ... then added some extreme paint with flecks of colors in it.  The "trees" were also added with a stencil .. then I ended up doing some painting free-hand.  The bottom portion is a mix of brown, gray and black paint with glitter and mists added on top of that. 

I choose to use a photo taken when I was 5, up at SantaLand at Currumbin. The photo is taken in a little windmill that reminded me of the sweet little house in the inspiration. I had a wonderful day with my friend! Her dad took a number of black & white photos of this day.

When I first saw the March inspiration of a lopsided little cottage  I immediately thought of the long closed Fantasy Glades at Port Macquarie where we took my daughter when she was small.  She loved all the little people sized buildings and was fascinated with the Crocked House which slated this way and that with wonky chairs and odd shaped windows and everything on strange angles.  I’ve used an older JBS story patterned paper to enhance the fairy-tale aspect of this layout and rather than have a separate title I’ve chosen to use a photo of one of the park signs which explains how Fantasy Glades came into being.  I believe the derelict park has recently been sold and there are plans afoot to reopen this magical children’s theme park.

Belinda was inspired by the yellow flowers at the front of the cottage.


  1. Gorgeous layouts ladies. All different. Looking forward to seeing our entries.

  2. What beautiful layout from everyone! Love seeing the different interpretations!! :)

  3. Yes, I agree - what fabulous takes from all the Design everyone's thinking!

  4. It is amazing how different everyone sees things - I suppose that is what makes scrapbooking a unique hobby

  5. I've done a page, though it was very literal! I think that's the same everywhere Belinda - which is what makes people in general so interesting. Happy easter everyone.